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The Arizona Wave has been crafted to meet your needs for outdoor protection; its two-legged
form facilitates easy access as well as allows you to use it as a patio cover. Its aesthetic and
heavy duty stand-alone, two legged multi-purpose structure makes it a great carport and
outdoor structure. The frame and roofing were created to withstand harsh weather conditions;
the polycarbonate panels block harmful UV rays, provide ample shading. The Arizona carport
provides your family with an elegant cover that is sturdy, maintenance and rust free for many
years to come.


  • Virtually unbreakable, 100% UV protected, corrugated solar gray polycarbonate ready to

      assemble, pre-cut panels, provide 10% light transmission


  • Robust, rust-resistant, powder-coated, ready to assemble pre-drilled profiles made of heavy

      duty aluminum & laser cut galvanized steel connectors in anthracite finish


  • Built-in gutter channels rainwater sideways

BEFORE ORDERING – Be sure to check your local building and zoning codes & guidelines and
ensure that any/all appropriate permits have been acquired.

Arizona Breeze Carport

SKU: 704229
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