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The Automatic Louver Side Window Opener is designed to automatically control the temperature and provide additional ventilation in Palram - Canopia Greenhouses equipped with a side louvre window. As the air inside the greenhouse warms, the vent gradually opens to allow the correct amount of air flow into the greenhouse and closes when the optimal temperature is reached. The vent arm was designed with the use of wax that expands with heat to push a piston, which opens the louvre window, as the airgets warmer, then contracts as it cools, closing with the use of a spring. The Automatic Louvre Openeroperates without the use of electricity


  • Opens side louvre automatically as temperature warms for air circulation and heat relief, closes when temperature cools"
  • Protect your plants; provide them with the required temperature and humidity levels
  • "Compatible with Harmony, Mythos, Hybrid, Octave, Essence. Balance, Americana, Oasis, Glory, Grand
    Gardener, Hobby, EcoGrow, and Prestige greenhouses series"

Auto Louver Window Opener

SKU: 704269
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