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The Essence of spacious gardening. This greenhouse features high headroom and 8.7 sq. m. for improved working space, two vent windows for temperature, humidity and airflow regulation and wide double doors with low threshold for comfortable and easy access. Additionally, it includes a galvanised steel base, adding structural support, stability and alignment. Set up is easy and fast with the sliding panels’ assembly system. Just slide and lock the virtually unbreakable, twin-wall polycarbonate panels right into the greenhouse's frame. Your plants will enjoy an insulated environment, protected from strong sunlight exposure and great conditions for nurture and growth.


  • Virtually unbreakable, twin-wall polycarbonate panels, diffuse over 70% of the harsh sunlight for an even soft light
  • Sturdy, reinforced, rust-resistant aluminium frame with support beams for
    added risilience
  • Easy DIY installation - sliding panels’ assembly system, ready to assemble pre-
    drilled profiles, and pre-cut panels



Essence Greenhouse

SKU: 701944
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