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Create the garden of your dreams with the spacious layout and elegant
design of the Victory Orangery greenhouse!
Starting today, you can extend your summer days and enjoy the warmth of the
first sun rays. The gorgeous T shaped spacious cathedral design of the Victory
Orangery Chalet greenhouse makes it elegant enough for leisure activities during
spring and autumn and roomy enough for all of your gardening projects year-
This greenhouse generous floor space and the high vaulted ceilings allow plenty
of room for trellising tall growing plants or climbing vines.
This greenhouse is practically maintenance free and easy to assemble; it has a
rain gutter and gutter heads for water collection and the sliding panels’ System for
easy assembly.


  • "Virtually unbreakable, high impact resistant and flexible polycarbonate panels
    provide balanced growing conditions"


  • "Easy installation – Sliding panels’ assembly system, ready to assemble pre-
    drilled profiles, pre-cut panels and all hardware included


  •  Built-in gutter system for effective water drainage & collection



Garden Chalet Greenhouse

SKU: 702422
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