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The Palram – Canopia Grand Gardener Greenhouse* features a chic barn shape and a windowpane
design making your greenhouse gorgeous even before you’ve planted anything.
The emphasis on safety is evident from the heavy-duty frame to the extremely safe polycarbonate
panels. The sturdy, weather resistant and UV-protected extruded resin frame with its aluminum roof
profiles improves both full-insulation and durability. The 6 mm twinwall polycarbonate side walls give you privacy while the panels diffuse over 80% of sunlight for a soft, even light.
The attention to detail continues through the design of the roof which provides ample headroom and more space to garden to the double doors that make it easy to go in and out, even with large trays of plants. There is also excellent ventilation due to the roof vent, which provides airflow and retains heat when the doors are closed.
We keep it simple with a pin and lock assembly making the Palram - Canopia Grand Gardener
Greenhouse perfect for the growing enthusiast who wants something easy and beautiful!

Grand Gardener

SKU: 702487
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