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SANREMO 10X14 GREY 4.jpg

Enjoy greenhouse gardening with the Harmony greenhouse. This fun-sized
greenhouse includes a perimeter, rust resistant galvanised steel base, adding structural
support, stability, and alignment. It’s made of crystal-clear, virtually unbreakable
polycarbonate panels, that are simple to slide and lock into position, and a rust-resistant
natural silver aluminium frame. The greenhouse’s vent window helps maintaining the
desired temperature and humidity levels and provides ventilation. With its sleek and
smooth design, the finished result is beautiful, functional, sturdy, and built to last.


  • 100% UV protected panels do not turn yellow or become brittle over time
  • Includes - large adjustable vent window for great ventilation, galvanised steel
    perimeter base for additional stability & alignment and a friendly magnetic door
    catch to keep the greenhouse open


  • "Easy assembly - sliding panels’ assembly system, ready to assemble pre-drilled
    profiles, pre-cut sliding panels, and all hardware included"

Harmony 6'x8' Greenhouse

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